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November 21, 2005

When You Hate Enough To Send The Very Worst

Dear Nice Mr. Limbaugh,

When I saw your Adopt-a-Soldier program where you can buy $49.95 subscriptions to your website for our courageous soldiers, I got all atwitter! I think this is a great idea because our servicemen and women need to hear more of your show.

Our nice brave soldiers need to be encouraged to tell black and brown people to "take that bone" out their noses. They need to be reminded that women really want to be sexually harassed. And we don't ever want them to forget that the grief of Gold Star mothers is no more than "forged documents."

Only problem is, I don't have that much money. I'm just a little girl and my allowance isn't very much, but I want to help too. Do you have a mini-subscription pack or some such thing? Maybe you can partner with Bill O'Reilly and give the soldiers a gift pack of loofahs and OxyContin. I hear you know where you can get some.

Your littlest fan,

bonnet tip to TheMax


  • At November 21, 2005, Blogger wayne said…

    Heh. They don't call him "rush" for nothing.

  • At November 21, 2005, Blogger Alicia said…

    Could there be a more bloated, egotistical, self-inflating, grandiose, arrogant gasbag? Yet another example of something that you'd think would be in the Onion, yet turns out to be horribly, regrettably, incredibly true.

  • At November 22, 2005, Blogger BaltimoreLenore said…

    Oxy-boy is such a jackass.

    I posted about your letter over at Alternate Brain btw. It's too good of a letter not to ;-)

  • At November 23, 2005, Blogger Gordon said…

    loofahs and OxyContin

    Sounds like you've invented a new party game! ;)

  • At November 29, 2005, Blogger cookie christine said…

    silly gordon, you know all party games must involve both whipped cream, vasiline and nipple clamps.

    But I think this one, the loser should have to do the Alternate Brain patented "Dance of Joy."


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