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December 02, 2005

Why Does the Far Right Always Hide Their Medical Records?

Mr. Ann Coulter's most recent article is overwhelmingly mean, nasty, ugly, and hateful. She has truly outdone herself this time. But before you read the snippet below, bear in mind, that is so much easier to question someone else's military service if you yourself have not served.

Here's a fun little excerpt where she slams John Murtha and defends Oliver North.

And unlike Murtha, who refuses to release his medical records
showing he was entitled to his two Purple Hearts, we know what North
did. (These Democrat military veterans are hardly shrinking violets
when it comes to citing their medals, but they get awfully squeamish
when pressed for details.)

Now John, from AmericaBlog, makes a nice point.

I've never seen any medical records proving that Ann eats or doesn't
have a penis...

So now that it is so fashionable and hip to demand medical proof to determine one's worthiness, I figure why stop with purple heart recipients.

I want to know if Rush Limbaugh has a heart. I want to know if George Bush has a brain. Is Bill O'Reilly even human? And and are Rick Santorum's children part cocker spaniel? These are important things that the public should know.

If I don't get these medical records released ASAP, by golly, I think we can all assume they have something to hide.


  • At December 02, 2005, Blogger Gordon said…

    Ann Coulter and the rest of those fucking assholes are going to step on their dicks big time if they try to 'Swift Boat' Colonel Murtha. I hope they try. It will be very satisfying to watch them go down.

    Oooh, I said 'Ann Coulter' and 'go down' in the same paragraph! Shudder at the thought!

  • At December 02, 2005, Blogger cookie christine said…

    perhaps that's some kind of subconscious desire that you've been repressing, gordon???

  • At December 02, 2005, Blogger Gordon said…

    You're mean!

  • At December 02, 2005, Blogger cookie jill said…

    I think Ann has some emotional/mental ailments.

  • At December 02, 2005, Blogger cookie christine said…

    I think Gordon has some emotional/mental ailments.

  • At December 02, 2005, Blogger Omnipotent Poobah said…

    I've not seen a penis on Ann but she has one huge Adam's Apple. Maybe that's why she won't release HER medical records.

  • At December 03, 2005, Blogger sideshow bob said…

    Forget the medical records...I'd like to see the IQ tests.

  • At December 04, 2005, Blogger Gordon said…

    I have no emotional/mental ailments. Issues, maybe. Ailments? Never!

    I let my subconscious repress my subconscious, but occasionally my conscious represses conscious desires, like choking the livin' crap out of wingnuts, cuz I don't like jail.

    I like you, Cookie, but you're still mean!

  • At December 04, 2005, Blogger cookie christine said…

    you said you thought my mom was hot. and now you're having man coulter fantasies. if that doesn't spell ailments, i don't know what does.

    i suggest you seek professional help ASAP. and i'm not mean, it's for your own good.

    you don't really think i'm mean, do you?


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