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January 19, 2006

Tent Lott - The Wanking Continues

Trent Lott, the Senator from Mississippi who's ever so famous for losing his leadership position in the Senate for pining on about what a great nation this would be if segregationist Strom Thurmond would have been president, has announced he's running for another term in 2006.

So there was Lott in Washington yesterday morning, zesty as ever
in a too-bright-for-Mississippi purple tie. He bounded into the Senate
TV and radio gallery at 10:30. It was the last of three media events --
the first two were held in Mississippi on Tuesday -- in which Lott would
announce his reelection bid for 2006 and who knows what else.

And now after 33 years of wanking it up on Captiol Hill, he just keeps on wanking.

Lott kept his left hand stuffed in his pants pocket. His pinstriped suit
was impeccable pressed, his hair immovable as ever. He was smiling and
looked like he could go all day.

It takes a terribly talented man to masturbate in all day in front of reporters and not muss up his hair.


  • At January 19, 2006, Anonymous catherine said…

    Damn, he is an ass.I loved it the other day when he said he was trying to help poor people. Um, yea -- what his friends with only one mansion?

  • At January 19, 2006, Anonymous mary said…

    Lott of the worn out wanker. I'd love it if his constituants dumped him.

  • At January 19, 2006, Blogger sideshow bob said…

    T. Lo...keepin' it real...

  • At January 20, 2006, Anonymous Jerry said…

    Cookie - I don't see what talent is involved in choking the chicken all day without messing up your hair. You don't have to do a headstand even part of the time, though...well never mind. And I'm sure that Trent's hair has been carefully plasticized by his toupee maker. All he has to is avoid open flames for his hair to be safe. And I'm sure he doesn't work up that much heat from friction however he does it.

  • At January 21, 2006, Blogger cookie christine said…

    I guess it's mainly working through the wrist cramps that amazes me.

    He's an inspiration to us all.


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