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January 13, 2006

Big Budget Deficits Caused by Disaster Monkey, Not Natural Disaster

Far be it from me to suggest that the White House is making shit up, bold-faced lying or simply stretching the truth, but do you see anything glaringly wrong with this statement?

The White House said on Thursday deficit spending in the 2006 budget
would soar above $400 billion, well over a July forecast, and the election-
year jolt was blamed largely on Hurricane Katrina costs.

For this exercise, let's put aside the fact that the $400 billion projection is likely exaggerated.

Now hurricane Katrina was a big disaster, and the federal government has authorized spending $85 billion on the recovery. Irrespective of where you place the blame for all that damage, it's no small chunk of change.

But ya know what's a heckuva lot more expensive than the hurricane Katrina recovery? This is a tough question, so think it through before you answer.

I know it's Friday and you've probably already started drinking, so I'll give you a hint. So far the cost is upwards of 200 billion dollars, the majority of taxpayers and voters think it was a mistake, and there's evidence o'plenty flying around all willy-nilly indicating that the Administration tricked Congress Critters and the American public into supporting it.

Now don't everybody answer at once.


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