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January 12, 2006

Living and Dying by the Sword in Sugarland

Representative Tom DeLay is in the toughest re-election campaign of
his 11-term House career, a battle that might be decided not only by his
legal problems, but also by the Congressional redistricting plan he
spearheaded in 2003.

Since the Bugman was arrogant enough to assume he could handle an influx of Democrats in his district, he was generous enough to welcome them with open arms into his district, resulting in an increase of about 5% in the Democratic vote.

Now that our poor sad deposed House Republican Leader has been forced to give up his leadership position, and is being indicted for money laundering and such, the competition just got a bit stiffer. Provided he makes it through to November 2006 without resigning, he'll certainly have a tough race ahead of him.

I just hope he can still walk after all that shooting himself in the foot.


  • At January 13, 2006, Blogger Neil Shakespeare said…

    Worse, those bullets is bound to bounce back up and hit him in the ass. 'Course he's a got a big fat ass, so that probably wouldn't hurt him.

  • At January 14, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    shooting himself in the foot

    Since all them manly Texans use six-shooters, he had to reload to get all ten toes.


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