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February 02, 2006

St. Pete Times Editorial

Some girl named Dawn wrote up a nice Editorial regarding George Bush's lame-o excuses for his domestic spying program, that got published in the St. Pete Times.

And amazingly enough, she didn't mention butt sex once, or use any dirty words.

Check it out.


  • At February 02, 2006, Anonymous Ben said…

    Wow, that girl Dawn is a good writer. I wonder what she is doing friday night :)

  • At February 02, 2006, Anonymous Bitch | Lab said…

    did i miss something? why would she mention butt sex?

  • At February 02, 2006, Blogger cookie christine said…

    word on the street is, that she has a filthy, filthy mouth.

  • At February 02, 2006, Anonymous Bitch | Lab said…

    After I posted that and processed ben's comment I figured it out. :)

  • At February 03, 2006, Anonymous Ellen said…

    I heard that girl is nothing but trouble. She and her little dog, too. They're both going to "soccer camp" when the SS, (oops,I mean) the KBG, (no! I mean )the NSA gets a hold of her! Okay, maybe all three will have their way with her overseas.


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