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April 03, 2006

The Katherine Harris New Campaign Staff or Looney Toons Hits the Campaign Trail

So it seems that the bulk of Katherine Harris's campaign staff as moseyed on to other more lucrative projects, where they don't have to deal with an ape shit Katherine Harris calling the shots.

Sometime this week, she's going to entertain us with announcing her brand spanky new "team of seasoned campaigners who believe in my candidacy, are committed to this campaign, and support the values of mainstream Florida citizens."

I don't know about you guys, but I'm all atwitter to find out who they are. In fact, I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep until I find out.

Seeing as how she's a wee bit radioactive these days to most serious campaign workers, she might have to start looking in non-traditional places to staff the open positions. Now this may just be idle speculation, but word on the street, is she's in negotiations with Looney Toons to fill some of these positions with their seasoned campaign veterans and adorably drawn characters.

Yosemite Sam: He'll blow you to smithereens if you don't support her.
Tweety Bird: I tawt I heard Jesus say he wants her to stay in the race
Sylvester: Thuffering thuccotash, that Bill Nethson ith jutht tho very librul
Elmer Fudd: He'll complain ad naseum about that wascally weft-wing media
Also, Bugs Bunny has agreed to appear and speak dressed as a girl bunny at some fundraisers, to appeal to the Log Cabin Republicans and those that aren't allowed in the evangelical churches, where she'll be doing most of her fundraising. He's also going to double as a make-up consultant.