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March 31, 2006

Ann Coulter Has Some Splainin' To Do

Over five years after gleefully poking fun at the intelligence of Palm Beach County voters, Ann Coulter herself is having some problems with proper voting procedures in Palm Beach County.

Palm Beach County's elections supervisor has given the right wing's
unofficial mouthpiece 30 days to explain why she voted in the wrong

In a registered letter scheduled to be sent to her this week, Coulter
is asked to "clarify certain information as to her legal residence,"
elections boss Arthur Anderson said.

"We want to give her a chance," Anderson said. "She needs to tell us
where she really lives."

Or else? He could refer the case to State Attorney Barry Krischer for
criminal charges, Anderson said

Here in Florida it's a third-degree felony to knowingly vote in the wrong precinct, and lying on her voter's registration could land her in the pokey for up to five years (That's 35 in dog years) and set her back up to $5000.

In his official incident report released last week, poll worker
Jim Whited wrote that Coulter tried to vote in the Feb. 7 town council
election at Bethesda-by-the-Sea, the right place for a Seabreeze
resident. Coulter left in a hurry when, Whited said, he asked her to
correct the record. Later she cast her ballot at the St. Edward's
precinct, where real Indian Road residents go.

I couldn't have happened to a nicer person.