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April 20, 2006

Why Would Anyone Want to Be Kansas AG If He Can't Be Privvy to Underage Sex Stories

It looks like Kansas AG Phill Kline might have to find some other way to get his willies. A federal judge ruled Tuesday that he cannot have unfettered access to records of "underage sex between consenting youths."

So in case Phill decides not to appeal, and has some extra time on his hands, so to speak, here's some suggestions for him.

1. Cozy up under a tree across from one of the many junior high schools in Wichita and read The Big M - A Biblical view of masturbation

The problem of masturbation is as old as human nature. It is something
that has troubled people for centuries and caused much personal
heartache to those ensnared in its habit-forming grip. Here is the
Biblical answer to this age-old dilemma.

2. Check out some local Wichita art exhibits, like this one. Surely there's some nekkidness in some if it to keep him entertained.

3. Start going after the real criminals and spending Kansas tax dollars fighting real crime.

And if he's still bored after all that, there's always the internets.