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May 22, 2006

Katherine Harris, Charlie Crist and Pegging

I know how much you guys hate it when I get on one of my Katherine Harris kicks, but I've been out to sea and carousing with drunken sailors for the past five days, and Katy is really just a breath of fresh air compared to all the rum, sodomy and lashes I've been exposed too lately.

So did you guys know that Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist dated Katherine Harris? Well, it was news to me.

Sure enough, the Republican front-runner for the Senate nomination
and the Republican front-runner for the gubernatorial nomination
acknowledged to the Buzz that they once dated.

"He's the nicest guy. I loooove his mom and dad," Harris said of the
attorney general from St. Petersburg.

"I thought she was charming and lovely. We had a nice couple of
dinners," Crist said by phone, pegging the time frame to more
than 10 years ago. "She has remained a dear friend and she is a great
public servant."

Notice the strategic placement of the word "pegging."

Just sayin'.