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May 22, 2006

Katherine Harris - On Demand or In Demand?

When she's not committing the fashion no-no of wearing pinstripe pants with a striped shirt, Katherine Harris whiles away the time dining on lobbyists tabs and accepting questionable campaign contributions.

Yessiree, another fancy dinner with lobbyist, Mitchell Wade at Citronelle in Washington, D.C. has surfaced.

Now it turns out that wasn't her first fancy meal with corrupt
contractor Mitchell Wade. Harris had dined with Wade previously at
the same tony Washington restaurant and failed to pay her share as
required by congressional rules, her campaign acknowledged Friday.

My Katherine, nay Our Katherine, in usual form was quick to defend herself.

"Do I look like I ate $2,800 in one sitting?" the petite congresswoman
quipped on Political Connections. "I always get a couple of appetizers
and something to drink."

And for those of you locals that just can't get enough Katherine Harris and missed the original airing, you can see her Political Connections interview for free on Brighthouse Channel 340 - Tampa Bay on Demand.