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June 02, 2006

McBride's "Pick up the Towel" Tour

Now I don't know about you guys, but whether you're in a prison laundry room or are simply cleaning up after a particularly messy episode in the Quicky Mart restroom with that sexy young trucker you met on the highway, "picking up the towel" certainly carries with it some compelling connotations.

Just when you thought the Florida Senate race couldn't get any more pleasing, what with Katherine Harris continually entertaining us with her lively antics, we have Will McBride jumping in there with his "Pick up the Towel" tour.

The tour is scheduled to make stops in Naples and Homestead and then
work it's way up the east coast to Jacksonville and then across the
Panhandle. The McBride campaign promises that a schedule will be
posted on his website,, but so far it's not

McBride has dubbed his bus tour the "Pick Up The Towel" tour.

"For the past few months all I have heard is that the Republicans have
thrown in the towel because the pundits say Bill Nelson can't be
defeated,"” McBride said in a statement issued by his campaign. "But
I've seen the numbers and I know I can win, so I am here to pick up
the towel and provide Floridians a real choice this November."

Now I'm really torn. Do we continue with our regularly scheduled "Fear and Loathing In Longboat Key - On the Campaign Trail With Katherine Harris" tour, or do we follow the "Pick up the Towel" gang? Can we do both without getting arrested or dying from vaporlocking during snorting laughter? Help me out guys, cuz the cognitive dissonance here is just too much to bare.

via Florida Politics


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