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April 11, 2005

What's In His iPod??

Since this article in the NY Times came out about what Mr. Bush has in his iPod, there's been all kinds of jibber jabber out there in the blogosphere anayzing what it all means.

I'm not sure what disturbs me the most.
1. The filthy lyrics of My Sharona? 'Always get it up for the touch of the younger kind, my my my woooh!' Uh, gross. Is he into little girls?? Ewww.

2. One of his aides download the music for him? Does he have them blow his nose for him too?

3. The fact the Fortunate Son ('I ain't no senator's son ... Some folks are born silver spoon in hand') helps 'get him over the next hill' when he's bike-riding. Sorry, but Daddy can't help you now.

4. Joe Levy, a deputy managing editor at Rolling Stone indicated his affection for both Alan Jackson and George Jones represents 'a little bit of a taste for hard core AND honky-tonk' Huh??? Which one is hard core and which one is honky-tonk. I'm confused.

But now, when he has that far away look in his eye, and you think he might be practicing his multiplication tables, trying to remember where left his copy of My Pet Goat, or fantasizing about cowboys and indians, he's probably just singing Centerfield in his head and wishing the other world leaders would shut their pie holes and let him talk.