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July 13, 2005

Focusing on Renting Family Cars

So, I was wondering, is James Dobson getting into the car rental business?

Is relying "entirely on tax-deductible contributions from people like you" not bringing in enough dough? What gives?

So I decided to take a gander at his website. Mostly wondering if he still sells those gawd awful tapes that my mother made me listen to when I was fourteen.

And you know what I found? Gayness. Gayness everywhere!!!!!

These two fellas, Fly Zapper and Frog Bounce are undoubtedly queer as three-headed pennies! They have the arms around each other and Frog Bounce is conspicuously giving the thumbs-up sign, which we all know is the international sign for forced anal sex.

Then, he poses this question:
"Do you think I should tell my wife if another woman makes a pass at me?"

And responds that, yes, a good husband should tell his wife. However, this little ditty distinctly leaves out any mention of what to do if a man makes a pass at you, and whether you should tell your wife.

The insightful reader can only assume he feels that the honorable husband should keep such homosexual come-ons and the occasional roll in the hay with an alterboy or the all too frequent spanking sessions with your neighbor Fred completely under wraps.

So, in conclusion, since he's unmistakably pandering to gays, and we know how much money they spend, he's certainly not above bringing in money from a car rental business.


  • At July 13, 2005, Blogger wayne said…

    Perhaps James Dobson would like to hold hands with Rhonda Storms?


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