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August 01, 2005

A Disturbing Morning

It just doesn't get more disturbing than this.

Earlier this year, aid workers at a refugee camp in Chad, on
Sudan's western border, passed out crayons and paper to children while
Human Rights Watch officials interviewed their parents. Without
prompting or instruction, the young artists put pen to paper and produced
some harrowing images -- the visions of an unfolding genocide in Sudan's
Darfur region.

I just can't even begin to imagine the horrors that these children have seen.

The situation is Darfur is complicated and very bloody. I don't claim to have the answers and I don't think anyone really does. But it's my understanding that a culture change featuring birth-control and family planning, condoms o'plenty and a long-term environmental outlook could have helped about 20-50 years ago. But now, no one really knows the best way to help. It's really sad and out of control.

It's really awful to see this kind of suffering here on our planet.

But I think we can all learn some lessons from what is happening over there, and try to take steps to ensure that it doesn't happen in other areas of the world.