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August 17, 2005

Gangsters and Thugs

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo links to this Salon article that poses the question of why no one is asking Chimpy McFlightsuit when he found out Valerie Plame was a CIA operative, then meanders into what a thug Chimpy has been his whole politcal career.

Most prominent is Bush's role as a powerful force in his father's
presidential campaigns. His principal duty was enforcing strict loyalty
to George H.W. Bush from everyone involved. Conservative strategist Mary
Matalin, who held senior positions in the 1988 and 1992 campaigns,
described Bush as "his father's trusted consigliere." George W., for his
part, embraced the role and made it clear that anyone who crossed his
father could expect retribution. In 1990, he told writer Ann Grimes,
"I was the enforcer when I thought things were going wrong. I had the
ability to go and lay down some behavioral modification."

(insert joke here about how Dubya seems more like the gimp-with-the-gag-ball type than the whip-wielding cross-dressing dominatrix type)

In 1986, veteran reporter Al Hunt predicted that Jack Kemp would receive
the 1988 Republican presidential nomination instead of George H.W. Bush.
When George W. saw Hunt dining with his wife and 4-year-old son at a
Mexican restaurant in Dallas, he went up to their table and said, "You
fucking son of bitch. I won't forget what you said and you're going to
pay a fucking price for it." Bush didn't apologize until 13 years later,
when the incident resurfaced in the context of his own presidential

Such language! And in front of the children to boot! A fine example of his family values in action.

After his father was elected president in 1988, Bush was placed in
charge of a group called the Silent Committee (aka the "scrub group"),
which was made up of "about fifteen blood-oath Bushies," according to the
Texas Monthly. The purpose of the group was "to 'scrub' potential
appointees for their loyalty and past service to Bush." The Washington
Post noted at the time that George W. had a "somewhat more developed
sense of political loyalty than even his father."


In November 1991, for example, then White House chief of staff John
Sununu told a reporter the president had "ad-libbed" an ill-advised line
during a speech about credit card interest rates. The younger Bush was
infuriated that Sununu didn't defend his father. George W. told another
White House staffer, "We have a saying in our family: If a grenade is
rolling by the Man, you dive on it first. The guy violated the cardinal

George W. was dispatched to Washington to deal with the Sununu
situation. He met with Sununu and told him he should resign. On Dec. 3,
1991, Sununu -- also facing criticism for his misuse of government
vehicles -- stepped down. Asked about the confrontation, George W.
would only say, "The conversations between me and Mr. Sununu are going
to be private. I talked to him, and then he and Dad reached an agreement."

If you had any doubt that the Bushistas are an organized crime family, all this should rest the case.


  • At August 17, 2005, Blogger Fixer said…

    Yeah, Dubya's a bottom.

  • At August 17, 2005, Blogger sideshow bob said…

    We're gonna make you squeal like a pig, Sununu, squeal like a pig!

  • At August 17, 2005, Anonymous Gordon said…

    The Bushes and all their in-laws have been big-time international crooks for at least five generations. I think they should bust 'em under the RICO act.


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