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August 01, 2005

Unsung American Heroes

After reading how the right wing wants to give Karl Rove a medal for his role in outing a known CIA agent, Marbo takes us for a little stroll down memory lane and points out a number of other unsung American heroes. Ones that are just as noble as Karl Rove. These include Benedict Arnold, Aaron Burr, John Wilkes Booth, John Dillinger and Robert Hanssen.

Benedict Arnold: This gutsy Revolutionary War officer was astute
enough to realize that West Point was not a secure military facility.
Because no one would listen to him, Arnold took the drastic step of
selling West Point's plans to the British. Sure, it looked like treason
at first, but something had to be done to get everyone's attention. For
his efforts, Arnold was forced out of the army and actually had to join
the British side! After the war, he had to live in Canada.

Go read them all. They'll either make you laugh or cry.


  • At August 01, 2005, Anonymous CAFKIA said…

    Of course, Benedict Arnold was respected as a fearless and skilled warrior and leader. While he is recorded as a traitor, no one in their right mind calls him a coward. This is the difference between him and Turd Blossom. TN, like nearly all rethugnantcans, is a sniveling coward. All his life he has acted on his obvious fears of all the things that make America, America. This is why the rethugs spend so mnuch time trying to dismantle the constitution and bill of rights, it scares them. It scares them shitless. Unfortunately, so do many other things. Anyone who looks on them as leaders is a pitiful piece of crap who does not deserve to exist in my country.


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