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September 20, 2005

Delusional Governors

Jeb Bush threatens to unleash his "mystical warrior," Chang. (Or whatever it is he named it back in sixth grade.)

“Chang is a mystical warrior. Chang is somebody who believes in
conservative principles, believes in entrepreneurial capitalism, believes
in moral values that underpin a free society.

“I rely on Chang with great regularity in my public life. He has been by
my side and sometimes I let him down. But Chang, this mystical warrior,
has never let me down.”

Bush(Jeb) then unsheathed a golden sword and gave it to Rubio as a gift.
(Marco Rubio was just sworn in as speaker of the house in FL)

"I'm going to bestow to you the sword of a great conservative warrior," he said, as the crowd roared.


  • At September 20, 2005, Anonymous Ellen said…

    Oh good god, please give me a break!

    I've about heard enough.

  • At September 21, 2005, Anonymous Ellen said…

    Jeb was on TV last night telling one and all about how great we (him, of course)were handling the latest hurricane. He had that same little smirk on his face, but it came across more like an embarrassed child asking for praise. "I'm doing good, Mommy, right?" Mike and I burst out laughing. I wish i had a video.

    Chang was by his side.

  • At September 21, 2005, Blogger cookie christine said…

    That smirk must be the dominate gene.


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