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September 16, 2005

Karl's in Charge

Thanks to Matt for the inspiration for this post.

New boy in the neighborhood
Goin' down south and it's understood.
He's there to grease the palms of the bourgeoisie.
Halliburton will get fat and happy.

Karl's in charge of
Our days and our nights.
Karl's in charge of
Our wages and our rights.
So I say
I want Karl in the Big Easy.

Karl, I love you,
Love you till the end.
And I love Dubya,
Cause he's your best friend.
Let's go hang out,
You me and Jesus at Kenyon's funeral parlor.
And maybe you can hook me up
With the guy that's from Talon Press
and loves to blow.

Yes our Preznit has placed 'ol Turd Blossom in charge of reconstruction of the Gulf Coast. I can't think of much more that can be worse for our country. Every move he makes will be influenced by his rabid desire for a perpetual republican majority and he won't even give a passing thought to sanely and humanely re-building the area.

Arianna Huffington does a fantastic job of outlining the Gee Oh Pee's grand plan.

So here is the White House’s Katrina Plan in a nutshell: block any
independent examination of its failings, put the Einstein of damage
control in charge of reconstructing New Orleans, keep the dead
bodies out of sight, try to get away with general platitudes
and palliatives, offer watered-down acceptances of “responsibility”
while trying to pin everything you can on local yokels and fall guys
like Brownie, and let Bush’s corporate cronies get fat on hefty
no-bid reconstruction contracts.


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