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September 21, 2005

Let's Hear it for Prevailing Wages!

Rep. George Miller from California and 171 other Democratic Representatives have co-sponsored a bill that will undo our Preznit's executive order to suspend the Davis-Bacon Act.

For those of you that are just joining us, the Davis-Bacon Act requires that workers on federal construction projects make the prevailing wage. In areas around the Gulf Coast, this is as low as $8/hour.

It's just greedy, mean, nasty and downright rude that Georgy wants to give out multi-million dollar no-bid contracts to his buddies and campaign contributors, while lowering wages for working folks that are trying to rebuild their lives.

Check to see if your representative is a co-sponsor, and if he/she isn't write him/her a quick note expressing your support for working folks on the Gulf Coast rebuilding their lives. And if your Rep. is on the list, write them a little thank you note or better yet send their campaign some money.

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