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September 02, 2005

Worst. President. Ever.

This will be my last post bagging on the ineptitude of the Bush Administration's handling of the hurricane Katrina disaster, at least until some new Bush-hurricane-related aberration rears it's ugly head. Before during and after the storm hit, this Administration has shown nothing but blatant disregard for the victims, callousness and elitism in the face of the worst natural disaster ever to hit our country.

AmericaBlog sums it up pretty well in this shocking expose detailing the arduous tasks that George Bush, Dick Cheney and even Condoleezza Rice have been performing to help the folks devastated by the hurricane.

Bush stayed on vacation. On Monday he went to Arizona to cut a
birthday cake with John McCain and play politics on Medicare. On
Tuesday -- as the flood waters were rising and the death toll mounted
-- Bush played politics again, heading out to California to make a
speech offering another excuse for staying the course in Iraq (oil!)
and jamming on a guitar. He knew he had to end his vacation early
(sigh) but couldn't bring himself to head straight to Washington DC.
So Bush went BACK to Crawford for one more cozy night of rest before
finally heading back to Washington DC on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Condi Rice is in the midst of a THREE DAY vacation that
began AFTER the hurricane struck New Orleans. She's gone to a
Broadway show, played tennis with Monica Seles and reportedly
bought really expensive Ferragamo shoes.



  • At September 02, 2005, Blogger Alicia said…

    That pretty much says it, doesn't it, Cookie? If he were any kind of president - hell, any kind of man, he'd be there in N.O. hip-deep in shit, and stay there until supplies and help arrive. But not this Marie-Antoinette of a president...

  • At September 02, 2005, Anonymous Matt said…


  • At September 02, 2005, Blogger Johnny Virgil said…

    But really -- other than the obviously negligent aspect of not mobilizing forces quickly enough -- what's the guy gonna do? Stand on a corner and hand out MREs? Then it would just be viewed as a photo op grandstand.

  • At September 02, 2005, Blogger Sylvana said…

    I think that if Bush had gone to NO right away, he might have been able to instill some sense of hope to these people so that they wouldn't be acting out in the desperate ways that they have been.

  • At September 02, 2005, Anonymous ellen said…

    there will be more - we must be reading the same circles.

  • At September 02, 2005, Anonymous mary said…

    Let's hope the Bush crew has finally been thoroughly exposed for the useless monarchy they are.


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