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October 03, 2005

A Pit bull in Size Six Shoes

ABC News reports that Our Preznit once introduced Harriet Miers, the brand spankiest newest nominee for Supreme Court as "a pitbull in size six shoes."

This obviously leads to many relevant questions.

1. How does Georgy know her shoes size? Coming from the man who can't remember how many trained Iraqi troops there are, this really makes me wonder. Why the focus on shoes? Does Georgy have a foot fetish he's not telling us about?

2. Even though Rick Santorum isn't on the Senate Judiciary Committee, given his affinity for doggies, will he try to weasel his way into the vetting process?

3. Is Condi thrilled about the nomination or jealous? Afterall, Miers is a woman who just might share her zest for shoes, but what if Georgy like Miers better? A girl can never have too many shoes and us girls need to stick together. However, the intensity of Miers' zeal for Chimpy might threaten Condi's spot as Chimpy's best girl.

Stay tuned as these and other relevant questions are answered during the review process.


  • At October 03, 2005, Anonymous tim said…

    huh? a pit bull? does he not realize that carries a negative connotation?

    apparently being a "pit bull" makes someone qualified for the USSC? This is just bizarre.

  • At October 04, 2005, Blogger rod said…

    Last night I dreamed, not that somebody loved me, but that John Roberts was involved in a Supreme Court case both as Chief Justice and as plaintiff. It involved an event he'd had catered and for which he was claiming to have been overcharged. He won, of course, but he confided to me that he really wasn't looking forward to testifying in front of himself. It was all rather odd.

  • At October 04, 2005, Blogger cookie christine said…

    perhaps you have a man-crush on John Roberts?

    But actually, now that he's on the Supreme Court, he's going to have to reconcile and confront his beliefs and stuff, now that he's got a lifetime appointment and isn't just a shill for Republicans.

    I guess that's kind of like testifying in front of yourself.

  • At October 04, 2005, Blogger rod said…

    Well, I do feel that we bonded through the whole experience,even though he seemed slipperier than an eel in a bowl of snot, but I don't recall feeling any man-crush sensations.

    And all of this without cheese.

  • At October 06, 2005, Anonymous Ellen said…

    You reminded me of this

  • At October 06, 2005, Blogger cookie christine said…

    that's very cute ellen! she looks kind of vicious, until you see the shoes.


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