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October 07, 2005

Fitzgerald Taking His Sweet Time

I am so bummed. I was getting all in a tizzy about Fitzgerald handing out indictments like candy on Halloween, and now I hear Rove is going to testify next week for the fourth time, and Fitzgerald wants to take his sweet time finishing up the investigation. Maybe he'll even chat with Judith Miller again.

I'm going to Italy for about ten days starting on October 14th, and if the investigation ends while I'm gone, I'm gonna be pissed. Real pissed. Worse than 1993 when the Jayhawks were in the Final Four and I was in Bali. Now, that was brutal.

I was hoping to soak up all the cultural goodies that Italy has to offer rather than be drawn like a pecker to a pussy patch to sit in front of a computer screen reading up on the latest. There's just so many groovy things to see there, but seeing the word "indicted" above Karl Rove's picture just might be a site more spectacular than the Sistine Chapel.

Does anybody want to guest blog during that time? Or can you guys handle ten days without recess?


  • At October 07, 2005, Blogger Sylvana said…

    How could anyone take your place? Have fun in Italy.

  • At October 08, 2005, Blogger Alicia said…

    I will call Mr. Fitzgerald and tell him to either get a move on, or wait till you get back. Preferably sooner than later! Tommi's public awaits!

  • At October 08, 2005, Blogger Alicia said…

    Ooops - I mean Rover's public! (Got Tommi on my mind)


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