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October 06, 2005

Indictment! by Milton Bradley

There's a fun little Indictment Game going on over at Blogenlust.

His money is on 21 indictments announced Friday, October 7th, at 1pm EST.

And Crooked Timber has the Republican Laverne and Shirley Bingo game. (Give ‘em any rule, they’ll break it…)

I'm thinkin' a game kinda like Clue would be fun!

Karl Rove in the Oval Office with the telephone or John Bolton at the prison with a NY Times journalist.

Or maybe Twister. Spin the dial, then place your conspiracy charge on the Scooter Libby-colored circles. Spin the dial again. Place your lying under oath charge on the Judith Miller-colored circle.

So many possibilities. So little time.