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November 07, 2005

What Ronda Has Built, Let No North Carolina Cheerleader Tear Down

In a startling blow to County Commissioner Ronda Storm's attempt to rid the city of Tampa of all things gay and lesbian, two North Carolina Panther's cheerleaders were charged with battery, then one was charged with giving a false name after a bathroom brawl. The fracas stemmed from the cheerleaders' rudely hogging the bathroom at Banana Joe's while they were engaged in "a sexual activity."

Perhaps the harm and pooch-screwing that Ronda has done to the local economy with her personal war on Gay Pride, will be nullified by out-of-state tourists flocking to "Tampa - The Home of Lesbian Sex and Girl Fights in Public Restrooms."

UPDATE: As a responsible blogger, I guess I should update this post with a disclaimer that now the cheerleaders are denying that they were engaged in sexual activity. So much for that increase in tourism.