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January 30, 2006

So Many Scandals and Injustices, So Little Time

It really is a crying shame that the whole filibustering Alito-thingy is probably not going to work. I have to agree with John and AmericaBlog that if the Democrats really wanted to keep this batshit loonie off the Supreme Court, they should have started the process weeks or even months ago.

But unfortunately, because of the incompetence, corruption and criminal activity that is so pervasive in the White House and with Congressional Republicans, it's just really hard to focus on just one scandal or just one injustice at a time.

Democrats have been so outraged because of the White House's domestic spying without warrants, their illegal wars, outing CIA agents for political gain, and they've been trying to make hay while the Abramoff-Sun shines, that they've neglected that little ol' Supreme Court vacancy thingy.

The Modern Republican Party really is trying to stuff all kinds of crap up the asses of the American people, and it's getting more and more difficult every day to defend the sanctity of said asses.

So, I think the moral of the story is "watch your ass"... and your internet activity and your phone calls and don't get pregnant and get anyone pregnant, don't be black, latino or any other minority, and for heaven sakes, don't be gay or a woman.

Follow my advice and you'll do just fine in George Bush's America.


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