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March 28, 2006

Who Says Abramoff Doesn't Have Any Friends Left?

He's got at least 260 of them. And those are the ones that went out of their way to write nice happy sunshiney letters about what a swell guy he is and why he deserves a light sentence.

"Jack as a caring, pious and generous man who dotes on his friends
and family."

... with money he stole from Indian tribes

Mr. Abramoff was a "selfless patriot" whose work in a conservative lobbying group, Citizens for America, in the 1980's was evidence of his desire "to make a positive contribution to the nation he loves so much."

... just before he became and Uber-Patriot and committed wire fraud.

Poor Jack could spend as many as seven years in prison for this, but my money is on a presidential pardon from Bush before he leaves office.

For grins, go listen to The House that Jack Bribed from Capitol Steps.