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March 28, 2006

More Proof That Katherine Harris is Delusional

So, I figured I'd give you guys a break and wait until after lunch to link to this from the St. Pete Times.

According to Rep. Katherine Harris, her opponent is "in bed with Ted
Kennedy on gay marriage"

Now I'm all for equal rights for gays and lesbians, but the thought of the two of them "in bed together" in any sense of the word kind of turns my stomach.

But fortunately for us and our digestion, nothing of the sort ever took place, and Harris was just participating in an exercise in imaginative word play with republican talking points.

But the delusions don't stop there. She continues to yip yap about how "liberal" Nelson is, when most of us know darned good and well that Nelson is quite middle of the road. The St. Pete Times does a fabulous job debunking all of Harris's fantasies that project him as a radical left-wing baby killer who wears skirts and high heels to work and sleeps with Ted Kennedy.

And since it was a long weekend without much going on, Harris must have done an extra hit or two of LSD to suggest that her advertising consultant Adam Goodman, really didn't quit and that he "leaked" the information to the press, when in actuality, he did resign.

She said Goodman was still with the campaign and said "it was wrong" of
her to say he leaked information.

"I shouldn't have said that," she said.

Harris could not explain the change or make clear why she had first
refused to say whether Goodman was still working with her.

"I don't even know," she said. "That is so not like me."

Evidently the official K-Harris recommended drug regimen of wake and bake/LSD/cocaine/more LSD/Xanax didn't work for Goodman and he's moving on. To rehab probably. Or at the very least, perhaps a position with fewer mandatory hallucinogens