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March 14, 2006

When Regret Follows Seduction

Let's say you're in Mexico, just over the border and some dude seduces you into coming inside to see the donkey show. You think that might be interesting. You always wondered how they did it. You've always been curious about who's on top, who's doing all the work, and the logistics of the whole act. So ya go in there and take a look. That's when regret starts to kick in. It's the most nauseating, gruesome thing you've ever seen in your life. You want to leave, but your buddy insists that you stay.

Similarly British General Whitley started to feel a little regret back in mid 2003 about marching into Iraq.

That assessment is reinforced by Major General Albert Whitley, the
most senior British officer with the US land forces. Gen Whitley, in
another memo later that summer, expressed alarm that the US-British
coalition was in danger of losing the peace. "We may have been
seduced into something we might be inclined to regret.
strategic failure a possibility? The answer has to be 'yes'," he

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld and the crew lured Great Britain into the donkey show with promises of victory and a speedy exit. But once they got in there, they were disgusted and dumbfounded. It was an "unbelievable mess" with no plan for the post-invasion phase. Now years later, Britain is still there. A party to the horrible disgustingness of what is left of Iraq and the gawd awful abuses and deaths that happen every day. Regret sunk in a long time ago, but still today, they're stuck there watching that nasty donkey show because no one bothered to come up with an exit strategy.