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April 04, 2006

Rush Limbagh and Self Flagellation

I'm just not sure what to make of this quaint little exchange on Rush Limbaugh's exquisitely poignant radio show, but I shouldn't have to be the only nauseous one, so I figured I share.

CALLER 2: Oh, OK. Well, but, I -- it definitely offended me to hear
you say that on the national program. The world's largest -- as you say.

LIMBAUGH: Yeah, well --

CALLER 2: But maybe you should take half your brain from behind your
back next time.

LIMBAUGH: You know, I'm thinking what I ought to do, [caller], is
something that I used to do in the early days of this program and
that is spank myself.

Whiling away a lazy afternoon with B&D is not nearly as appealing when you don't have a partner and are all hopped up on painkillers.