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August 01, 2005

Bulges in Space

This space shuttle fiasco, just keeps getting hotter and sexier every day.

...poking out of the shuttle's underbelly by about an inch, could lead
to unusual patterns of heating during re-entry. If they are poking out at
the forward end of the shuttle, as both of these are, the heating could
affect parts of the craft's belly downstream, with some areas becoming as
much as 25 percent hotter

Except for the 'one inch' part, it's really turning me on. But then maybe the lack of gravity thingy has that kind of effect.

However, the remedy sounds a little barbaric. If you're thinking naughty thoughts like I am, anyway.

If a spacewalk is ordered, astronauts will try to pluck the tough
material the rest of the way out, push it back into place or cut it off
with a hacksaw.

Removing the protruding material could be as simple as grabbing it
between the thumb and forefinger and pulling it free, said N. Wayne
Hale, the shuttle program's deputy manager, in an afternoon press



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