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August 22, 2005

Clear Channel Still Up the Monkey's Butt

In another startling display of just how far Clear Channel Communications is up Chimpy's butt, Clear Channel-owned Salt Lake City ABC affiliate KTVX has refused to air an anti-war ad featuring Cindy Sheehan coinciding with Bush's pro-war pep rally today at the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention in Salt Lake City.

In an ad airing in Salt Lake City to coincide with Bush's visit, Sheehan
pleaded for a meeting with him and accused him of lying to the American
people about Iraq's development of weapons of mass destruction and its
connection to al-Qaida terrorists.

One station, ABC affiliate KTVX, refused to run the ad, saying it could
be offensive to the community.

Offensive to the community!!??

You know what's offensive is the lies and distortions that Bush is going to spew when he opens his pie hole to deliver the speech. You know what else is offensive? All the people that have died and have had their lives destroyed because of the those lies and distortions. But an anti-war ad featuring the grieving mother of a fallen soldier? How can that be offensive? Come on.

The Carpetbagger takes us on a brief walk down memory lane, reminding us that Clear Channel Communications is the same corporation that hosted pro-war rallies in 2003, donated heavily to the Bush campaign, and put up billboards showing George W. Bush's name and picture alongside the words "Our Leader."


  • At August 22, 2005, Blogger Sylvana said…

    Everyone knows that the media is in the pockets of the liberals. That's why they are always sucking up to Bush and covering up his follies.


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