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August 19, 2005

John Robert's "Sense of Humor"

Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr. consistently opposed legal
and legislative attempts to strengthen women's rights during his years as
a legal adviser in the Reagan White House, disparaging what he called
"the purported gender gap" and, at one point, questioning "whether
encouraging homemakers to become lawyers contributes to the common good."

Woo hoo!! That's freakin' hilarious, isn't it? No? You mean it's not funny? How about this? Is this funny?

In internal memos, Roberts urged President Ronald Reagan to refrain
from embracing any form of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment
pending in Congress; he concluded that some state initiatives to curb
workplace discrimination against women relied on legal tools that were
"highly objectionable"; and he said that a controversial legal theory
then in vogue -- of directing employers to pay women the same as men
for jobs of "comparable worth" -- was "staggeringly pernicious" and

But the White House thinks it's funny.

For its part, the White House defended its nominee. "It's pretty clear
from the more than 60,000 pages of documents that have been released
that John Roberts has a great sense of humor," said Steve Schmidt, a
spokesman for Bush.

I'm sure that if Judge Roberts and the White House has their way, all us women-folk will be rolling on floor laughing and peeing ourselves for many years to come. However, we'll be home barefoot and pregnant, and from what I understand rolling on the floor laughing can be quite a challenge in your third trimester.