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September 06, 2005

Bush to Cover His Ass

In a ridiculously partisan and misleading attempt to deceptively write history, his holiness, George Bush, wants to oversee a probe into what went wrong with the response to hurricane Katrina.

Beset with criticism over the federal response to Hurricane Katrina,
President Bush said Tuesday he will oversee an investigation into what
went wrong and why - in part to be sure that the country would withstand
more storms or even a weapons of mass destruction attack.


...Bush said now is not the time to point fingers and he did not respond to calls for a commission to investigate the response.

So, our hard-working preznit who had to be poked and proddedd to cut his five-week vacation short a coupla days to go back to Washington while people were drowning and dehydrating and dying in New Orleans is gonna take it upon himself to head up a looky-see into what went right and what went wrong with the Katrina disaster relief, and is not responding to calls for a presumably independent commission to look into it.

Is it just me, or does this sound just a wee bit fishy?

While I totally agree that in Katrina's aftermath the local, state and federal governments should learn from this experience, so they can deal better with these kinds of things in the future, putting a partisan hack in charge of the investigation is completely wacko and will do more harm than good.

Another detrimental outcome of having a president and an Adminstration that refuse to accept blame or admit mistakes, is that they do not learn from those mistakes and are therefore doomed to continue to make the same blunders.


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