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September 02, 2005

George Tenet Grows a Pair

In non-hurricane related news, George Tenet, the former CIA director being targeted with punitive sanctions for pre 9/11 intelligence failures has no intention of being the scapegoat for the debacle.

Roberts writes, "George Tenet is not going to let himself become the
fall guy for the September 11th intelligence failures, according to a
former intelligence officer and a source friendly to Mr. Tenet.”

In retaliation, Roberts says that Tenet may turn the tables and put the
blame on President Bush.


Wrote Roberts, "Mr. Tenet's decision to defend himself against the
charges in the report poses a potential crisis for the White House.

"According to a former clandestine services officer, the former CIA
director turned down a publisher's $4.5 million book offer because he
didn't want to embarrass the White House by rehashing the failure to
prevent September 11 and the flawed intelligence on Iraq's weapons of
mass destruction.”

Quoting a "knowledgeable source,” Roberts wrote that Tenet "had a ‘wink
and a nod’ understanding with the White House that he wouldn't be
scapegoated for intelligence failings.”

Roberts claims a "deal" was made between Tenet and Bush, one that was
sealed with the President’s award of the Presidential Freedom Medal to
the former CIA head.

In his rebuttal, Tenet, Roberts warns, "treads perilously close to affirming the account of Richard Clarke, the former NSC terrorism official who claimed the Bush administration's had delayed adopting a strategy against al-Qaida."

...Tenet himself may go public to defend his reputation by damaging the President and his administration.

Roberts concludes: "The $4.5 million book offer may soon be back on the table, and this time Mr. Tenet might take it.”

And for those of you that need your Katrina aftermath fix, check out this interview with the Mayor of New Orleans, and the poll numbers on the public's growing disapproval with the federal government's handling of Katrina.


  • At September 02, 2005, Blogger Sylvana said…

    I'm rethinking my criticism of him concerning his response to the earthquake/tidal wave victims earlier this year. I thought it was because he didn't give a shit about other countries. Nope, turns out he just doesn't give a shit in general.

    I hope the truth about his decisions concerning 9/11 are exposed. The truth needs to be known.

  • At September 02, 2005, Anonymous ricky said…

    He's got to be about the biggest shit ever.

    What? He was happy to blow smoke up the ass of Congress and the American people as long as he got his Medal of Freedom, but when it looks like the same horrendous bullshitters he's been lying for are going to hang him out to dry, he's ready to tell the truth???

    What an asshole. What a criminal.

    Who the fuck did this jerk work for? The Bush administration or the American people?

  • At September 04, 2005, Blogger kelley b. said…

    George Tenet runs with a very rough crowd.

    He definitely knows where the bodies are.

    If he's tired of being the fall guy, and decides to talk with Patrick Fitzgerald, I hope he doesn't ride in any small airplanes.


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