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September 25, 2005

Cheesecake Confessions

What does it mean, when you're at a restaurant with a boy, and the waiter brings the cheesecake out to the table and it's standing on end, rather than lying down?


  • At September 25, 2005, Blogger Fixer said…

    That they can charge you twice as much for it.

  • At September 25, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That you are such a hot woman that you make any cheesecake rise.

  • At September 25, 2005, Anonymous ricky said…

    Cookie, I think you need to ask yourself why, when you're at a restaurant with a boy, that you notice the cheesecake is erect.

    Either the company's put you in mind of things that are erect, or the company has left you hopelessly looking around for things that might be erect.

  • At September 26, 2005, Blogger wayne said…

    Hmmm...sounds like an old blues song - "I Got My Cheescake

  • At September 26, 2005, Anonymous Jeff said…

    Too much Viagra in the mixing bowl.

  • At September 27, 2005, Blogger BaltimoreLenore said…

    The cheesecake is just happy to see you.


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