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September 23, 2005

Your Cheese-Induced Dream Weekend Homework

I listen to this little NPR ditty yesterday about how the British Cheese Board did a study about how cheese gives you wacky dreams. So I decided to give it a whirl myself and do my own cheese-induced dream study. And since I hate to be selfish, I figured I'd open it up for all you guys too.

Here's what ya gotta do. Eat some cheese about thirty minutes before you go to bed, then when you wake up, bop on over to It's Recess-time Somewhere and post the type and amount of cheese that you ate and a description of your dream in the comments section of this post.

Best Wishes and Sweet Dreams!


  • At September 26, 2005, Blogger Northern Pike said…

    Be forwarned...For as long as I can recall I have had vivid and wacked-out dreams...I also love cheese!
    After consuming one slice of a cheese & veggie quesadilla this is the dream that came to me....
    I just finished my shift at the hospital and was walking with my friend Dawn through a beautiful woodsy path on our way to our favorite bar. Dawn wore a hooded zip up sweatshirt with a pet snake for the hood's draw string. We came to a square shaped wooden frame next to the path which was covered in vines. It had a sand pit in its center. Dawn took off her sweatshirt and the snake slithered into the sand pit unexpectedly. I retrieved the snake by calling its name(I don't recall the name)& attempted to put it back in Dawn's hood, but the snake grew 2 short front legs with long claws. So I put tiny red socks over the claws but the snake refused to be a draw string again. Next, we came to a man made flower garden. As Dawn walked by she accidentally bent the stem of a large pink flower. When I tried to pick that flower its stem was very fiberous which made it difficult to pick. When we arrived at our favorite bar we walked up a wooden ramp. It was a rustic wooden structure. The first door we came to was locked with a CLOSED sign on the door which bummed me out. But when Dawn went to a second set of doors they were open. There was an acoustic 2 man band playing and the place was packed. We ordered double rum runners to avoid having to belly up to the bar for awhile. Dawn remembered she had to work the evening shift at the hospital but didn't want to go. Dawn hated her job, so she asked me to cover her shift. I agreed because I could use the $. The owner of the bar overheard us and offered Dawn a job at her bar. Dawn accepted and promptly called the hospital and quit. I started walking through the bar and spotted an old fling of mine leaning against the bar and talking to a sexy petite young blonde. He looked awkwardly tall next to her. I walked up behind him and grabbed his ass. He quickly turned around smiling and with a laugh kissed me. He said "I've been thinking of you." I replied "I've been dreaming of you." I kissed him and walked away.

  • At September 26, 2005, Blogger cookie christine said…

    That's quite a dream. Perhaps you get too much sleep or eat too much cheese.

    Here's my latest dream:

    I dreamt that I was going to church with my parents. I showed up really early and thought I'd stroll around the area. It's really pretty there, Arkansas River with lots of oak trees and stuff.

    But my mom was already there. Turns out the middle-aged ladies bible study crew had a slumber party out on the lawn of the church. So there's all these 50 or 60-ish ladies in their robes and sleeping bags waking up around 6am on the lawn and it was really wierd.

    I couldn't decide whether to hang around and try to spend some time with my mom, or go strolling around the area, but I felt really uncomfortable there, but was afraid that my mom would be hurt if I didn't stick around.


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