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September 26, 2005

Liar, Liar, Bill Frist's Pants Are on Fire

Turns out that our video diagnosin' super hero cum Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist might have some smokin' trousers.

He asked the fellow in charge of his "blind trust," to sell all his HCA assets and two weeks later, the stock tanked. HCA is a hospital company founded by none other than Fristy's dad an brother, so one might assume he could easily have some insider information.

It's easy to imagine this dialogue taking place at a Frist family barbecue.

"Son, you really oughta sell all your HCA stock. And I think it's time to flip the burgers over. Damn your wife makes a mean cole slaw. And do tell, what is the secret ingredient in those 'Tiger Meatballs?'"

"Just eat them dad, their delicious. And I'll be sure to tell the little lady how much you like the slaw."

"Hey uncle Billy, have you seen the cat?"

Regardless of the charges of insider trading, it seems our less-than humble and lovable cat-killer has been less than forthcoming or just outright lying about the way his blind trust is set up.

In January 2003 on live teevee, he said this:

"Well, I think really for our viewers it should be understood that I put this into a blind trust. So as far as I know, I own no HCA stock"

And then he said this:

"I have no control. It is illegal right now for me to know what the composition of those trusts are. So I have no idea."

However, now we find out that....

Documents on file with the Senate show the trustees for Frist and his
immediate family wrote the senator nearly two dozen times between 2001
and July 2005.

The documents list assets going into the account and assets sold. Some
assets have a dollar range of the investment's value and some list the
number of shares.

Call me a stickler for following SEC regulations, but that doesn't sound too blind to me.

Ya think that if he does get busted for insider trading, he'll end up on The Apprentice once Martha gets all washed up?

UPDATE: Think Progress has a swell timeline of when all of these shinanigans took place.


  • At September 26, 2005, Blogger Northern Pike said…

    With out the backround of sharing decorating ideas and elegant morsles with an adoring public I don't see Frist as getting that prime time job. But what do I know, people spend a lot of time consumed by the powers of tv. Perhaps if Bill's show was on a cooking channel be could star in how to prepare and present cat.


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