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March 22, 2006

Role Reversal on Pennsylvania Avenue

Reading what a comedian George Bush has been lately in his press conference and Q&A sessions doesn't really have me as worried as it does some others. He can't come up with serious answers that can hold water, so he just makes jokes instead, hoping the press will focus on his exquisite sense of humor rather than his failed foreign and domestic policies.

We are not surprised.

But, what really has me ill-at-ease is this line.

"I like to, like, reverse roles sometimes," the president explained.


fade out and cut to...Laura Bush wielding a 12 inch strap on and liberating the presidential anus, while satin panties fall around the presidential ankles. Bringing freedom where only festering tyranny use to pass through. Spreading Santorum liberally throughout the presidential boudoir. Fighting the insurgency of a sphincter intelligently designed by our Creator for retreat.

Yes, it's role reversal time on Pennsylvania Avenue and George Bush is advancing democracy by empowering women, and he's starting at home.

May God Bless America.