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April 07, 2006

White House Admits to Treason

A senior administration official, speaking on background because
White House policy prohibits comment on an active investigation, said
Bush sees a distinction between leaks and what he is alleged to have
done. The official said Bush authorized the release of the classified
information to assure the public of his rationale for war as it was
coming under increasing scrutiny.

So lemme get this straight. The President of the United States admits to putting our national security at risk for purely political reasons by outting an undercover CIA agent?

Her husband found out the truth that Iraq was not trying to obtain uranium from Niger and wrote an editorial about it, then Bush decides he wants to punish him for raining on his march-to-war parade o' lies, so he ruins his wife's career, all the while making the U.S. less safe from the bad guys and swearing that he'll find and punish the persons responsible for the leak.

As refreshing as it is to see them admit something like this rather than duck responsibility, this is truly mind-boggling.