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March 02, 2006

Fox "News" - Spreading Filth For Over 2000 Years?

After Fox News posed the question of whether civil war in Iraq is a good thing, then goes out there and on a limb and suggests that all the killing is just a figment of our imaginations and that the media is making it up, one might get to pondering what it would have been like if Fox "News" had been around throughout history.

How would they have dealt with the Kent State riots, The Boston Tea Party, slavery and the civil rights movement?

Would we see a Bill O'Reilly talking point stating "Slavery is essential for an agrarian economy. Mr. Lincoln seems to forget that. He should remember where the cloth from his suits comes from - cotton from the prosperous South?"

Would they have posed the question as to whether Martin Luther King, Jr was "African-American" or "Anti-American?"

All this and more is right here at your finger tips.


  • At March 02, 2006, Blogger Michael Hussey said…

    It's like that eposide in Dallas when it was all a dream that Patrick Duffy's character died

  • At March 02, 2006, Anonymous tim said…

    I see yet another site has ripped off the "What if Fox News" thread from Fark. FROM NEARLY THREE YEARS AGO.

    *I* made the "MLK: Anti-American?" photoshop. It's here in this thread:

    If you don't believe me :-)

  • At March 02, 2006, Blogger sideshow bob said…

    Good stuff!

  • At March 02, 2006, Blogger L said…

    ha ha ha ha ha! I especially love the last one!

  • At March 03, 2006, Blogger Neil Shakespeare said…

    And I'm sure if they were around in 1776 they would have have decried the terrorist insurgents fighting against King George...or King Rupert. And all this over what? A little tax on tea? Well, then maybe we should have a little War on Tea! Oh....that's right...we had one of those...


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